clay based based gravel crushing

Method no.: ID-194 Method no.: ID-194 Version: 2.0 Sample: Soil (excavated earth material). ... The classification of the deposits shall be made based on the results of ... Open the soil bag and record the general characteristics of the sample, such as sand, gravel, or clay. Note and set aside any rock fragments (pieces of rock 3 in.) that may be present. ... Index and strength properties of clay–gravel mixtures index properties of the clay were determined in accordance with BS 1377-2 (BSI, 1990), and are summarised in Table 1. ... avoid crushing of the gravel particles. 3.3 Test procedures 3.3.1 Fall-cone test ... For the clay–gravel mixtures an . Stone Crushing | WCIRB California Stone crushing or silica grinding that is performed in connection with sand, gravel or clay digging shall be classified as 4000(1), Sand or Gravel Digging, if 25% or less of the excavated material is crushed or ground.    Read More