how to plant plants in the aquarium gravel

An Introduction To Aquarium Plants - cichlid-forum Excavate a small hole for each plant and don't try to jam the plant into the gravel. Insert the plant, push some gravel back into the hole, and then gently pull the plant up to stretch out the roots until the crown (where the roots . 5 Tips for Replacing Aquarium Gravel | DoItYourself Transfer the fish and live plants to the new tank and cover it. While they are waiting there, add enough water to the main tank to let the filter run. After turning the filter back on, remove the old gravel from the main tank. Then install the new gravel and replace the live plants and decorations. Lastly, bring back the fish. 5. Keeping Live Plants in the Aquarium - Aquarium . A unique type of gravel, called Laterite, which is a clay based gravel mixed with fertilizers can be used in the aquarium substrate for live plants. This type of mix will provide all the necessary nutrients for good root growth and development, the basis for healthy plants.    Read More