what is a contact cell in gold process plant

Sustainable technique recovers gold from e-waste . Given this difficulty, there are two main ways to get gold: through mining gold from the earth, which requires massive amounts of sodium cyanide; and recycling gold from secondary sources like jewelry or electronic scraps. Operation | riotintokennecott The last step in the production process is to stamp each bar with Kennecott's brand, the lot number, the weight and the fineness of the metal — that is, the percentage of gold or silver in the bar. Kennecott produces about 400,000 troy ounces of gold per year, with a purity of 99.99 percent. What Materials Are Used to Make Cell Phones? - Techwalla These phones contain approximately 2,100 metric tons of copper and 3.9 metric tons of gold, among other metals, plastics and glasses that could be kept out of landfills. If you want to keep your discarded phone from the landfill, the Environmental Protection Agency offers a list of recycling centers that recycle cellphones.    Read More