crushing pieces of marble and granite

Galleries - Marble and Granite Works Granite, from igneous rock, is a very hard, crystalline, and primarily composed of feldspar, quartz accompanied by one or more dark minerals. It is visibly homogeneous in texture. The principal characteristics of granite also include high load bearing capacity, crushing strength, abrasive strength, amenability to cutting and shaping without ... Using Remnant Pieces of Granite - Marble, Granite, . Dec 07, 2010· Using Remnant Pieces of Granite ... A remnant is a smaller slab of granite, marble or quartz that is considered too small for a standard kitchen, office or other type of stone-working project. It is the same quality as larger pieces of the granite and like the larger pieces, will still add value and beauty to your home. ... Marble Granite Machine Design - arcarios Marble Granite Stone Inventory page 1. All granite And Marble Corp. is the largest fabricator and installer of stone countertops. We have over 2,000 stone colors.    Read More